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Corporate Events

★ In November of 2006, Yangzhou Topniche Shipbuilding Co., Ltd was established and founded by Mr. Oh from Singapore.

★ In February of 2007, 50,000 tons slipway was started for construction on the infrastructure.

★ In April of 2007, the ocean-going tugs and deck barges were started to sign contracts and constructed.

★ At the end of 2007, 50,000 tons slipway and 100 tons gantry crane were put into use.

★ In 2008, the workshop of 20,000 square meters was completed and use.

★ In 2009, the floating barge wharf of 70m length was designed and built and put into use.

★ In April of 2010, two units of 3200hp ocean tugs were launched for Singapore owner.

★ In April of 2011, Tianjin Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd., acquired 55% stake of Yangzhou Topniche Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

★ In September of 2011, Huaweida Group Co., Ltd.  (Now named Zhangjiagang Lianchuang Weiye Investment Co., Ltd. ) acquired 45% stake of Yangzhou Topniche Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

★ In 2012, 18 cubic grab dredger and 3200hp tug were completed and launched.

★ In May of 2013, the first vessel of the 3000hp harbor tugboat for Myanmar Port Authority was started to fire and delivered in April of 2014 after the company reorganized.

★ In March of 2014, the first vessel of 1427TEU&24000t deadweight MPV was started to fire.

★ In April of 2014, four units of 10000t bulk carriers began to work on the slipway.

★ In July of 2014, the first vessel of 3200 cubic self-propelled oil barge started to fire.

★ In November of 2014, the ISO9001 quality management system was approved by CCS.

★ In January of 2015, officially changed its name to "Jiangsu Universal Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.".

★ In February of 2015, 4 units of containers and 4 units of 1500 cubic split hopper barges were commenced to construction. On the day of 18 in June, the largest ship of 24000 tons deadweight of multi-purpose vessel was launched since the company was established.

★ In May of 2015, the wharf was stared to put into use.

★ In October of 2015, the company was awarded for the three-level safety standardization certificate.

★ In February of 2016, four units of 1000 tons of self-discharging coal carriers were started to construction, and two units of 500TEU containers were started to fire.

★ In June of 2017, the company obtained the certificate of qualification for Secondary II class steel general ship production enterprise issued by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission.